The best way to learn guitar fast! Learn with your favorite songs with tailored lessons. Play 1 song within the 1st lesson. Fast progress and results guaranteed!

Why Choose Us?
Learn at the comfort of your own home 
I deliver lessons at your home in person, or you can learn via Skype!  No more commuting to lessons, saves you time and energy.
           Play 1 Song in the 1st Lessons!                       Guaranteed Fast Progress &            Instant Results!
Tired of learning from typical classroom teachers with slow progress? Learn from a true musician who has the real know-how and all the tricks you'd need to take your playing to the next level
Learn by playing your own favorite songs
Bored by following a standard syllabus and playing songs you don't like?  Children losing motivation and giving up after a short while?  My teaching approach will end all these frustations.  Learn only by playing the music you love. Studies have shown that students who learn by playing what they like have sustained high motivation and they improve and become better players much faster.  
100%  Tailored Lessons to suit your personal needs & preferences
 The One-Size-Fits-All teaching approach does not make sense as each student is unique and has different strenghts, weaknesses, preferred musical style and learning goals.  Each guitar course is 100% tailor-made and personalized to best suit the needs of each individual student.    
 Learn from a true professional musician & teacher to get real results FAST
A true musician who has regional stage performance experience with famous artists, and has taught over 200 students, in which many continued to pursue studies in Music in reputable universities like Berkeley, or pursue professional careers in the music industry.  Even more form their own bands and perform for fun or produce their own albums. 
 Pass Trinity College London Rockschool Exams with flying colors!
 As a Grade 8 Performance Certificate holder, we have taught many students who wanted to pass Rockschool exams the skills and techniques needed for the exams, and helped them pass with flying colors.



What others offer:

  1. A One-Size-Fits-All syllabus regardless of the student's age, musical style preference, strengths and weaknesses, the course is not tailored to the needs and goals of the student.
  2. You cannot learn and progress by playing the songs you like. Need to learn by following a syllabus playing and practicing boring songs that the you may not be interested in.
  3. Teachers are not musicians and have no real live performance experiences
  4. No additional services such as guitar tuning, guitar maintenance, etc.
  5. A boring and slow way to learn music theory which could be demotivating
  6. Usually slow progress and students easily lose motivation half way through
  7. Cannot learn to develop solo line, perform in a band, jam with other musicians or compose own original songs

What we offer:

  1. Dadicated to each student's individual growth based on their unique talents
  2. Ability to Custom-Make/ Tailor-Make the course according to each individual students' needs, characters and talents
  3. True showmanship training as I have years of experiences performing on stage in different countries with well-known artists from all over the world
  4. Continuously motivate and encourage the students to discover and develop their Hidden talents with special teaching techniques
  5. Attentively help each student overcome their different difficulties in music learning
  6. Copy the music at site and teaching key point how to play easy with method
  7. Strengthen student’s interest of music
  8. Understanding student’s dream what they want to be

Teacher's Profile  
Alex Katsumata 
Alex Katsumata 
Guitar & Bass Teacher& Musician Profile
Alex is a professional musician from Tokyo who is experienced and well-known in the music industry throughout Asia. He has over 20 years of experience in guitar & bass teaching, live performances in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan & Malaysia with well-known artists such as George Lynch, Donald Ashley, Nathan East, etc. He ran his own music school in Tokyo training guitar & bass enthusiasts from beginner to advanced level before moving to Hong Kong.   In Hong Kong, he has composed a number of pop songs for local pop artists, and also composed jingles for TV commercials for various brands.

 He obtained a Rockschool Grade 8 Performance Certificate with Distinction in both Guitar & Bass, and has guided and helped many students pass the 

Trinity College RockSchool Exams with flying colors.

His specialty is that he makes sure his students learn guitar/ bass by playing the songs they like, instead of following a strict and boring syllabus that often demotivates students.  He can copy and play by ear the moment he hears the students' favorite songs on the spot, and structure an easy-to-follow way for the students to start playing immediately right from the very first lessons.  Many students of his got amazed by the instant results they saw, and they really appreciate his way of teaching that really fits their personal preferences and keeps their motivation to improve high.   

Beginner class
Beginner class
Learn basic techniques (

 strumming, melody and finger-picking) and music theory in a fun, interactive and stree-free way that keeps your motivation high and ensures you progress quickly to more advance levels. 

You will be able to play many of your favorite songs by the end of 3 months.  

You will learn a few different types of music. 

 $650/hour      $550/45mins
Advanced & Master class
Advanced & Master class

Immediate changing key or rhythm. 

Develop own solo lines, and play spontaneitously with confidence on stage. Able to copy songs quickly by ear. Able to perform on stage and jam with other musicians with ease.

Develop your own solo lines.

Able to play all genres of music( Rock, Jazz, Fusion, Pop, Raggae, etc), or be an expert in a  particular genre of music of your choice.

$850/hour       $750/45mins 
Exam class
Exam class
 This course is focused on studying the materials from Trinity College Londond Rockschool syllabus.  

Students will learn all the techniques, skills and tricks to pass the exminations with flying colors. 

Grade Debut,1&2   $700/hour

Grade 3,4,&5  $750/hour

Grade 6,7&8  $800/hour

Group class
Group class

Get your friends to learn together with you.  It's more fun, you progress together with like-minded budding players, and you get interactive lessons at better prices!  Suitable for beginners to intermediate level students, or students learning for the same exam grade.

2 students  $350-$400/ student/45min-60min

 3 students  $300-$350/ student/45min-60min 

4 students  $250-$300/ student/45min-60min

5 students  $200-$250/ student/45min-60min



Our students say...
Rebecca Nguyen, Kowloon Tong 
"I am very lucky to have found a great guitar teacher like Alex. I used to learn from 2 other different teachers who charged much lower prices. After about half a year, I realized that I did not improve much and I was beginning to lose my motivation as I had to follow a syllabus that was boring. 

 Finally I got referred to Alex by my friend. One lesson from Alex is worth 4 lessons from the other teachers! His lessons are fun and are customised to my preference. He has been teaching me using only the songs I like while making sure I progress to more advanced levels, no more playing boring stuff.  I progress so much faster playing what I'm actually interested in and I can sing along as well. 

 He also helps me understand music theory and build a strong foundation in an interesting way that enables and motivates me to become a better player. I highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about learning the guitar." 

Nicolas Williams, Mid-Levels, Central
 "Alex is a very passionate and professional musician/ teacher. Not only has he got the natural talent in music, he also has the talent in teaching and explaining complex concepts in a simple, easy-to-understand way so that even a beginner like myself could grasp the essence easily and really start playing songs that I like much sooner than I expected.  

I started learning guitar by myself but later on I also got my son and daughter to learn together with me and have a "family class" together each Sunday.  That is a fun family activity and my kids really enjoy it.  They progress even faster than me!  I really appreciate that Alex is very good with kids.  He is very kind and patient, and has a way of explaining things to kids that make them feel engaged and encouraged.  He also always takes the time to prepare for each lesson and ensure we see real results by the end of each lesson.  There’s never a dull lesson with Alex."

Sandra Tanden, Bel-Air (Cyberport)
"I was a complete beginner when I started taking guitar lessons from Alex.  I thought some of my favorite songs were too difficult to play. But once I told Alex I loved those songs, he found a simple way that suited my level to teach me to play them in the first few lessons.  I was always looking forward to the next lesson.

I didn't know he's a professional performing musician when I began learning from him.  I was really pleasantly surprised that he had the know-how and lots of special tricks up his sleeves to let me start playing quickly.  Then later on I learned that he actually performs at concerts and does recordings for famous singers and thought "Oh, no wonder.."  

I was amazed that I was able to play my favorite songs much earlier than I thoughts.I am very happy that I can play many songs now only after a few months.  I even performed some of those songs at my friend's wedding party and it felt really great!" 

Steven Young, Stanley
"I was a self-taught player and found myself struggling to progress so I decided to take guitar lessons from an instructor. I learned from another instructor before Alex but I was dissapointed as the other instructor did not help me play the songs I wanted to play, but instead wanted me to learn the type of music he specialized in. So I gave up quite quickly. 

 Alex on the other hand is very student-focused.  He really cares about what I want to learn. More importantly, he has vast music knowledge in all genres of music. Alex knows it all and taught me exactly what I wanted to learn so that I could progress quickly. And after I have become quite good, he suggested other types of music that he thought I would like to me and I ended up loving them.  He helped me build a good overall musical foundation in a fun, stress-free way. 

 I also started taking bass guitar lessons from him.  I am very happy that I could actually develop my own solo lines and perform in a band for fun after just a few months of learning bass from him." 

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